CycloTouringBC Workshop

October 17 and 18

Harbour Towers Hotel, Victoria, BC, Canada

Program for Businesses – Friday

Program for Government – Friday

Program for Cyclists - Friday and Saturday

Full Program - Friday and Saturday


Touring by bicycle is a global growth market providing benefits for regional economies.  This market has been revenue-positive to local retailing, accommodations, eateries, and other businesses for those provinces and states that have focused on this growth area.  British Columbia has yet to pursue these benefits.  

This workshop will provide insight into programs that will be rolled out by CycloTouringBC.   For business, a web-based mapping program providing visibility for businesses and a cyclist-friendly business program will be tools of interest for tapping into this growth market.  In addition for government organizations, the role-out of the Regional Engagement Program will provide insight into preparing a region for cyclotouring.  Cyclists will have the satisfaction of contributing their favourite routes and destinations to a province-wide cyclotouring map.

Currently, cycling is proving very effective in the marketing of a wide range of products and services. The public appeal of images of bicycles and cyclists is a boon for attracting potential customers. Such imagery has been successfully exploited in both print ads and television commercials, as well, as in retail window displays, to sell a growing variety of products and services, from smaller items to homes and condos, and even cars.

More specifically, the phenomenon of "cyclotouring" is exploding globally. CycloTouringBC, a British Columbia Cycling Coalition program, focuses on growing cyclotouring traffic in British Columbia, both regionally and provincially. This growth is creating promising opportunities for businesses as well as local and regional governments.

As it stands, CycloTouringBC is becoming a “go-to” place for businesses, governments, consultants, media and a growing number of potential cyclotourists exploring the possibilities of touring this province on bicycle. 

In response to this, CycloTouringBC is working to develop collaborative relationships with local organizations and cycling groups as it rolls out its program regionally, and is currently offering a Regional Engagement Workshop Program and will offer other workshops that will assist businesses and governments in taking advantage of the growth fostered by cyclotouring.

The specific aim of this collaboration is to expand public awareness throughout the province and beyond of local retail and business services, creating a unique means of advancing globally-visible local marketing. Items such as mapping, site functionality, cycling –friendly business program, and other promotional possibilities are addressed in these workshops. A cyclist-friendly business program has fast become a feasible means of increasing the appeal of local retailers and service providers to cyclotourists.

CycloTouringBC will be providing consulting to businesses for expanding the appeal of retailers and to governments that are looking to put local routes and destinations on a whole new map, so to speak.

Who Should Attend the Workshop?

  • Retailers, Accommodation Providers, Businesses, including tourist–focused businesses
  • Business and Tourism Organizations
  • Local / Regional / Provincial / Federal Governments
  • Government Agencies
  • Consultants
  • CycloTourists
  • Cyclists
  • Local Cycling Groups


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